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                                                      art is my escape, interiors are my passion - justyn.          




from an early age Justyn has been immersed in art and homes. with that it has created a deep passion for interior design and fine art. her love of homes and the people that dwell in them has launched into full time design services. 

it is justyn's belief that every home should MIRROR the dweller. that when you walk in the door you can breathe you down to the last detail. 

Justyn's perspective is known for a clean, fresh approach on timeless design for todays home. staying away from fading trends and BALANCING THE MOST MODERN lines WITH ANTIQUE curves and finishes, to using unique textures and stand out, one of a kind elements. INCORPORATING all TO create the beauty and story in her clients home. 

along with creating beautiful interiors it has furthered her desire to create one of a kind, original art pieces. PAINTINGS that can flow and be introduced into any aesthetic and habitat. drawing on a modern approach with classic colors and textures.